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bici strada - 3_Loop of Lake Lugano, option Malcantone

Stampa cartina
3_Loop of Lake Lugano, option Malcantone
Lunghezza 86,7 Km Dislivello 490 m
Pendenza max 6 % Durata 4 h 00 min
Percentuale sterrato 0 % Tratto piedi 0 m
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Descrizione del percorso
The main route is a beautiful flat ride around the Lake Lugano, almost completely in Switzerland. We cross the Valcuvia valley, and then our ride unwinds along Lake Lugano, with views of Monte Generoso and of Monte Lema.

The ride of Malcantone, Colmegnino, Luino (long / challenging route) offers great landscapes in Switzerland. It will take in some climbs and offer spectacular views across Lake Lugano, the swiss region of Malcantone and the surrounding mountains: Monte Generoso and Monte Lema. You may meet profession cyclists training in this area. Then the route flattens along the shores of Lake Maggiore, Tresa River and Lake Lugano. There are two climbs in the avid option : Vernate climb (length 2.6 miles - 4,2 km, average gradient 6%), and Cademario climb (length 5 miles - 8 km, average gradient 7,5%, maximum 12%).

Main / principal route: distance 53.8 miles - 86,7 km; ascent: 1,608 ft - 490 m.
Look at the main / principal route profile bellow.

Challenging / avid option: distance 70.2 miles - 113 km; ascent: ascent 4,528 ft – 1.380 m.
Look at the challenging / avid option profile:

Map key: way to go there: blue track - way back: red track - avid option: green track - others routes: purple tracks.

Fotografie percorso

Porto Ceresio and Lake Lugano

Ponte Tresa- Caslano- Mount Caslano

Lake Lugano from Monte Orsa

Mount Arbostora from Mount Orsa

Mount Arbostora and Mount Generoso

Morcote and Lake Lugano

Morcote and M.Arbostora from Serpiano

Morcote and Lake Lugano

Brusino and Lago Lugano

Mount Generoso and Lake Lugano

Malcantone from Mount Lema

Agno and Lake Lugano from Cademario - Tel.: +39  347 0784939 - P.iva 02337130120