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15/10/2018 - Navigation on Lake Maggiore: digital map and timetables up to 6th April 2019
You can cross Lake Maggiore with your own bike on the motorship or on the car ferry

Here's: Lake Maggiore Map on Google Maps

You can cross Lake Maggiore on the motorship or the car ferry (see red line on the map).
Expecially in the spring/summer period are garanteed frequent connections by motorships among the villages and towns on the shore of Lake Maggiore.
The transport of vehicles is garanteed for crossing the lake by ferry-boat between the shores of Intra (West) and Laveno (East).
The ferry starts every 20 minutes. It takes 30 minutes.

The navigation on Lake Maggiore is run by two companies: the Italian company and the Swiss company

Timetable (PDF) from from Cannobio to Arona (North-South Italian area)

Timetable (PDF) from from Arona to Cannobio (South-North Italian area)

Car ferry Timetable (PDF) from Laveno to Intra

Timetable (PDF) from from Locarno to Brissago (North-South Swiss area)

Timetable (PDF) from from Brissago to Locarno (South-North Swiss area)

We are going to update the timetables by 6th April 2019 .

The Lake Maggiore looks to West towards Piedmont, to East towards Lombardy penetrating into Switzerland to the North.
The lake roads are typically wider than around Lake Como, and quieter than Lake Garda, it's a more popular spot amongst rodies.

The Lake Maggiore basin has tectonic-glacial origins. The lake has a surface area of about 212 square km (82 square mi), an altitude a.s.l. of 193 metres (633 ft), a maximum length of 64.37 km (40.00 mi) as the crow flies, maximum width 10 km (6.2 mi), maximum depth 372 m (1,220 ft), an average depth 177.4 m (582 ft), shore length 180 km (112 mi), water volume 37 square km (8.9 cu mi).



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