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10/02/2017 - Sun 1st October 2017 Granfondo Tre Valli Varesine
8 Day Tour All Inclusive from 28th Sep to 5th Oct 2017

Join us for taking pleasure in Granfondo Tre Valli Varesine, for watching the pro's race Tre Valli Varesine and for cycling around Lake District in Northern Italy. On 1st October 2017 will take place the Granfondo Tre Valli Varesine and on 3rd October 2017 will take place the road race Tre Valli Varesine (UCI Europe Tour).
13/10/2016 - Our 2017 calendar is up-to-date
Road bike tours & gentle cycling tours 2017

Our tours are guaranteed to run once we have one confirmed booking on the tour.
Other dates are possible and we'll create a departure especially for you if there is a minimum number of 4 guests and a maximum of 12 guests.
02/08/2016 - Now Lakes of Northern Italy Bike Tours
is on Facebook, on Google+ and on YouYube

We are glad to inform you about our presence on Facebook, on Google+, and on YouTube in a view to offer a closer contact to our guests. We’ll be posting regularly. Stay up-to-date.
We have recently launched Facebook page, Google+ page and Channel YouTube.

29/04/2016 - Why we do it and what we believe in
We simply believe in the idea we can transform the Northern Italy’s Lake District in a recreational bicycling area for riders who are coming from all over the world and in a holiday place for non-riders as well, so you can realise how the total experience of staying at our bike hotel and the biking experience seamlessly tie the two together.
So, do you want to come for riding here ?
18/04/2016 - Sun 25 Sep 2016 Granfondo Tre Valli Varesine and
Tue 27 Sep 2016 Tre Valli Varesine UCI Men’s Road EuropeTour

We can handle your registration for you if you want to take part in Granfondo Tre Valli Varesine on Sunday 25th September 2016. On Tuesday 27th September you can follow the Tre Valli Varesine UCI Men’s Road Europe Tour also.
So don’t lose time, book your Lakes of Northern Italy Bike Tour 24 Sep–1 Oct 2016
12/04/2016 - Lakes of Northern Italy Bike Tour is a centre based cycling holiday
The format of a centre based holiday is ideal if you want to control the pace of your holiday, if you want to explore the area in more depth and if you want to be totally flexible. You will find below our reasons to pick a centre based cycling holiday like our Eco Bike Hotel Ungheria located in Varese.
01/04/2016 - The last stage of 2016 Giro d’Italia Femminile Elite
upcoming cycle event in Northern Italy’s Lake District

The Giro d'Italia Femminile is an annual elite women's road bicycle racing stage race and this year it is part of the new Women's WorldTour. The 10-day stage will be held from July 1-10 in the northern provinces of Italy. The last stage will take place in Verbania , on the shore of Lake Maggiore, north of Varese on 10th July 2016
14/03/2016 - Six reasons to go on a cycling holiday
around Lakes of Northern Italy

Here is our guests’ thoughts who recommend to anyone looking to experience the lakes region of Italy with the Segafredo family as hosts. All the family works here at Bike Hotel Ungheria, where you stay and the daily rides start . For our guests, we seamlessly tie together the experience of staying at the hotel and the biking experience.
06/03/2016 - Read testimonials from our guests
about their cycling holiday experience

W. Paul McCrossan’s testimonial , Toronto, Ontario, Canada, (stayed in Varese, September 2015)
A thank-you for what some of our guests said about us.
The Staff (Anna, Luciana, Simone and Stefano)
21/02/2016 - Trophy Binda - UCI Women's WorldTour
Upcoming cycle event in Northern Italy’s Lake District

Trophy Alfredo Binda – Comune di Cittiglio is a women's professional road bicycle racing event held annually in March near Varese between Lake Maggiore and the foothills of Regional Park of Monte Campo dei Fiori. Trophy Alfredo Binda serves as the 2nd race of the UCI Women's WorldTour. The 2016 scheduled date is on 20th March 2016.
15/02/2016 - What’s it like here ?
Which Northern Italy’s lakes we are talking about

There are plenty of lakes all over Italy, but here the phrase refers specifically to an area in the north, where a string of narrow glacial lakes lies interspersed among the Prealpine foothills, straddling the border with Switzerland.
The Road Cycling Area lies among Lombardy (Italy), Piedmont (Italy) and Switzerland.
01/02/2016 - Are you ready for the challenge ?
Up and down across Northern Italy’s Lake District

Lake Maggiore – Lake Como - Lake Varese – Lake Lugano. Undulating and peaceful roads with little traffic among gently rolling hillsides, valleys and mountains, challenging climbs, descents and above all, views across the Prealps, Alps, the Mount Rosa Massif (the second highest mountain after Mount Blanc).
25/01/2016 - Read testimonials from our guests
about their cycling holiday experience

Ronald C. Licata’s testimonial , Wethersfield, Connecticut, USA (stayed in Varese, June 2015)
A thank-you for what some of our guests said about us.
The Team (Anna, Luciana, Simone and Stefano)
15/01/2016 - Do you take it easier along the way ?
Easy relaxing cycling in Northern Italy’s Lake District

Easy and fun rides during which there’s plenty of time to take a break or a photo or to have a chat and enjoy a coffee. Naturally you also tackle a few and short climbs, but at your own pace and sometimes even on foot . . . What you need to know is you will be cycling for about 4/5 hours.
04/12/2015 - Custom rides for bicycle touring clubs
If you are a bicycle touring club or a group of like-minded people, let us know and we can customise rides for you across the lakes of Northern Italy.

You determine the level of riding (distance, speed, climbing) and we will organise everything around that.


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